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Vehicle Sign Writing – Our latest work

We love the smell of coffee!

This lovely van belongs to a company called Treviso Coffee, who chose us to complete their vehicle sign writing on their newest addition, a VW Caddy van.

Sticking to the company branding guidelines, our design team used the base coat colour of the vehicle to their advantage by focusing on making the company logo pop! The vinyl colours used on the van blend nicely with the theme of the company and their image, creating a professional feel.

Image may contain: car

The vinyl used is high quality graded with a warranty of 5-8 years. Standard ‘signwriting vinyl’ has a lifespan of 2 years and will degrade within months when exposed to the elements. Therefore it is important to select the correct vinyl carefully during the design stage. We offer free consultation here at Stripe Master with an experienced team willing to help with graphics, artwork and application.

Another great job by our [...]

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Designing Vehicle Graphics

Design guides and principles to help you get the best result
Vehicle graphics design studio

Our helpful and professional design team can produce the artwork for your vehicle graphics at no extra charge. Whether you choose to take advantage of their design skills and experience, or you prefer to design your own artwork, here are a few reminders that will make sure your vehicle graphics design is as effective as possible. Try to keep them in mind either when discussing ideas with our design team, or when producing your own vehicle graphics designs.

Good Vehicle Graphics Have a Message

Choosing the right message for your design will be influenced by a number of factors, but the biggest one is probably budget. Large enterprises may afford to change their graphics regularly, so they can advertise a specific product or service for a short time and then change it to a different product. For them, the vehicle is like a rolling billboard.

Smaller businesses probably don’t have that kind of budget. They [...]

Car wrapping film color palette swatch

One of the world’s biggest science-based technology companies, 3M works in industries as diverse as Health Care, Transportation and Mining. Among its vast range of products, 3M has established a reputation for high-quality car wrapping vinyl and aftercare vinyl-cleaning products.

Recently, 3M has added several new and exciting colours to its 1080 and 1380 car wrapping colour ranges.  These new colours are available immediately and Stripe Master can supply them as part of a car wrapping process.

Flip Colours, an Exciting Option for Car Wrapping

As well as new gloss, satin and sparkle options, the new car wrapping colours include three unique Flip Colours. Flip Colours offer a prismatic effect that causes the colours to shift under different viewing angles and lighting.  The multi-colour polychromatic effect is especially striking and needs to be seen to be appreciated.

The three new “Flip Colours” are Gloss Flip Electric Wave, Satin Flip Caribbean Shimmer and Satin Flip Glacial [...]

Environmental Policy

Committed to the care of the environment.
Environmental Policy: Committed to Care

The Stripe Master team is committed to the care of the environment and is keen to promote awareness of sustainability within its members.

We take the time to ensure that the Stripe Master team minimises its impact by working alongside the following directives:

  • The selection process when sourcing materials is carefully monitored to ensure that we procure eco-friendly materials at every available opportunity.
  • Each and every employee of Stripe Master Ltd has a direct responsibility to maintain a high level of care when working with materials in order not to create any unnecessary waste.
  • Ongoing identification of areas of improvement will be reported to management.
  • Regular communication is encouraged within the team in order to update and maintain environmental compliance.

Prior to a project taking place, members of the Stripe Master team will conduct an assessment in order to highlight any areas of potential environmental issues, providing the [...]

Aftercare & Maintenance

Your comprehensive guide to caring for your vinyl graphics or wrap
Car vinyl wrapping
Aftercare & Maintenance: Summary

Our team at Stripe Master Ltd prides itself on a quality service from start to finish and that is why we have put together a comprehensive aftercare and maintenance guide to ensure that the graphics on your vehicle are fully protected.

Aftercare & Maintenance: The First 48 Hours

Once the vinyl has been applied to your vehicle the next couple of days’ maintenance is as important as the application process itself.

The glue layer will still be settling down on the panels and it is vital at this stage that it is not disturbed.  This means that jet washing your vehicle is not advised.  If for any reason you need to clean your vehicle within this time frame, carefully run over the vinyl with a damp sponge, ensuring not to catch any edges or thin layers of vinyl.

Aftercare & Maintenance: Regular Washing

We advise to wash the vinyl regularly using [...]

Chapter 8 Explained

A brief guide to get you up to speed with Chapter 8
Chapter 8 Chevrons on Council vans
What is Chapter 8?

The Department for Transport issued a compliance guide entitled “Traffic Signs Manual”.  Chapter 8 is about protecting workers and vehicles that operate on public roads and high-speed roads.

You can download a copy of the “Traffic Signs Manual” at

Does Chapter 8 affect me?

Chapter 8 requires that business owners equip all vehicles that stop frequently on high-speed roads (50mph+) with high visibility rear markings. It allows for other markings too, for example, to the sides of long vehicles used in temporary traffic management situations. However, the standard that the manual outlines is a minimum.  We highly recommend that work vehicles on all types of highway, irrespective of the speed limit, meet the same standard.

What Chapter 8 graphics kit do I need?

In order to comply, you will need to modify your vehicle with appropriate Chapter 8-compliant chevrons and fluorescent materials. Permitted markings include chevrons comprising alternate strips of [...]

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