Committed to the Care of the Environment

The Stripe Master team is committed to the care of the environment and is keen to promote awareness of sustainability within its members.

We take the time to ensure that the Stripe Master team minimises its impact by working alongside the following directives:

  • The selection process when sourcing materials is carefully monitored to ensure that we procure eco-friendly materials at every available opportunity.
  • Each and every employee of Stripe Master Ltd has a direct responsibility to maintain a high level of care when working with materials in order not to create any unnecessary waste.
  • Ongoing identification of areas of improvement will be reported to management.
  • Regular communication is encouraged within the team in order to update and maintain environmental compliance.

Prior to a project taking place, members of the Stripe Master team will conduct an assessment in order to highlight any areas of potential environmental issues, providing the opportunity to make any necessary changes.

Environmental Policy: Minimising Impact

Our environmental policy plays an integral part in the way we conduct our business on a daily basis and it is a continual process to ensure that we improve the performance of our business.

Collectively, we take every measure to minimise the impact of our operations through compliance with the directives outlined in this policy.

Our environmental policy is presented and published for everyone within Stripe Master Ltd and is freely accessible within the company.  It is maintained at every management level and is regularly reviewed.

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