A brief guide to get you up to speed with Chapter 8

What is Chapter 8?

The Department for Transport issued a compliance guide entitled “Traffic Signs Manual”.  Chapter 8 is about protecting workers and vehicles that operate on public roads and high-speed roads.

You can download a copy of the “Traffic Signs Manual” at www.gov.uk

Does Chapter 8 affect me?

Chapter 8 requires that business owners equip all vehicles that stop frequently on high-speed roads (50mph+) with high visibility rear markings. It allows for other markings too, for example, to the sides of long vehicles used in temporary traffic management situations. However, the standard that the manual outlines is a minimum.  We highly recommend that work vehicles on all types of highway, irrespective of the speed limit, meet the same standard.

What Chapter 8 graphics kit do I need?

In order to comply, you will need to modify your vehicle with appropriate Chapter 8-compliant chevrons and fluorescent materials. Permitted markings include chevrons comprising alternate strips of fluorescent orange-red retro-reflective material and fluorescent yellow non-retro-reflective material. Each strip of the chevron must be not less than 150mm in width, inclined at 45-60 degrees to the horizontal and pointing upwards.

What do I need to do next?

Call 01952 610 690 and speak to a member of our experienced team at Stripe Master Ltd.  We can answer any further questions you may have and assist you in making your vehicle road legal.