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Car wrapping film color palette swatch

New colours added to 3M car wrapping range.

Car Wrap Vinyls

One of the world’s biggest science-based technology companies, 3M works in industries as diverse as Health Care, Transportation and Mining. Among its vast range of products, 3M has established a reputation for high-quality car wrapping vinyl and aftercare vinyl-cleaning products.

Recently, 3M has added several new and exciting colours to its 1080 and 1380 car wrapping colour ranges.  These new colours are available immediately and Stripe Master can supply them as part of a car wrapping process.

Flip Colours, an Exciting Option for Car Wrapping

As well as new gloss, satin and sparkle options, the new car wrapping colours include three unique Flip Colours. Flip Colours offer a prismatic effect that causes the colours to shift under different viewing angles and lighting.  The multi-colour polychromatic effect is especially striking and needs to be seen to be appreciated.

The three new “Flip Colours” are Gloss Flip Electric Wave, Satin Flip Caribbean Shimmer and Satin Flip Glacial Frost.

Graphic showing the nine new colour options available in 3M car wrapping vinyl range.

Classic Colours, Updated!

The full list of new car wrapping vinyls now available also includes Gloss Storm Grey, Ice Blue, White Gold Sparkle & Cinder Spark Red and Satin Frozen Vanilla & Gold Dust Black. These are unique twists on classic colours so they are the perfect choice for something special that isn’t too loud.  If you want to stand out from the crowd but in a quiet, understated way, then these are the choice for you.

All available in extra wide 60″ rolls, a seamless car wrapping finish is possible for the majority of cars.  For the opportunity to view these colours and many more, please call into our open workshop. Our team are more than happy to discuss the many available options with you and help you decide the best choice for your car wrap.

Get in touch today from the Contact Page, give us a call on 01952 610690 or visit us at Unit 20, St Georges Rd Industrial Estate, Donnington, Telford TF2 7QZ.

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