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Designing Vehicle Graphics

Design guides and principles to help you get the best result

Our helpful and professional design team can produce the artwork for your vehicle graphics at no extra charge. Whether you choose to take advantage of their design skills and experience, or you prefer to design your own artwork, here are a few reminders that will make sure your vehicle graphics design is as effective as possible. Try to keep them in mind either when discussing ideas with our design team, or when producing your own vehicle graphics designs.

Good Vehicle Graphics Have a Message

Choosing the right message for your design will be influenced by a number of factors, but the biggest one is probably budget. Large enterprises may afford to change their graphics regularly, so they can advertise a specific product or service for a short time and then change it to a different product. For them, the vehicle is like a rolling billboard.

Sky vehicle wrap advertising

This van advertises a new movie with the brand taking second place.

Lorry vehicle graphics advertising product with small logo

This lorry advertises a new product and an ecology message while the brand and logo take second place.

Smaller businesses probably don’t have that kind of budget. They may only ever get one set of graphics for the life of the vehicle so their message is more about awareness of the whole company and its brand, making sure people know who you are and what you do.

Vehicle graphics showing the name of the company and logo as a primary feature.

The vehicle graphics, installed by Stripe Master on this van, focus on the primary service of this company and make the name and logo a primary feature.

Photo of Luton van graphics featuring large company name and logo.

This van’s vehicle graphics, installed by Stripe Master, make a big bold statement of the company name and logo.

Good Vehicle Graphics Consider Their Audience!

The nature of vehicle graphics is that they spend 99% of their time on the road. Even if your vehicle is not moving, the majority of the people seeing it probably will be, and they are your audience. That means you don’t have a lot of time to get your message across!

Companies with large fleets can get away with including more text or longer messages.  They know the vehicles will be seen repeatedly and frequently, which gives their audience chance to piece the message together from a series of quick glimpses. But most small or medium companies have to get their whole message across in one glimpse!

You might be tempted to include every service you offer and every location you cover in your vehicle graphics, but the truth is, people just won’t see them all. It’s time to get ruthless, trim the fat. Ask yourself what is the bare minimum you could say to sum up who you are and what you do? You might even find that just your logo and a phone number on the side of your van are enough to do what you want!


A bad example of vehicle graphics showing too much text.

This van has too much small, tightly packed text.  Most of it will not be clearly visible at a distance.

A good example of a van with vehicle graphics that show just enough information with a big bold logo.

This van had graphics installed by Stripe Master.  The company logo is big and bold with just a few simple contact details.

Putting yourself in your audience’s shoes isn’t always easy, so try asking friends and family. Show them your vehicle graphics designs and see if they get the message you want them to.

Bold is Beautiful!

Narrow fonts, soft colours or small details might look good in a magazine, but they rarely work at a distance. To see if a vehicle graphics design will work, try printing it the size of a business card.  Now hold it at arm’s length – that’s how most people will see your vehicle graphics.

Big logos, bold images, strong text and bright colours are the order of the day when designing vehicle graphics.  They grab attention, they can be seen from a distance and they are easy to read.


A bad example of vehicle graphics that are too faint and narrow to be easily visible.

The vehicle graphics on this van look delicate close to, but they are too faint from a distance. The text is so narrow it practically disappears at a distance.

A good example of a van wrap using bold colours and sharp contrasts to be visible at a greater distance.

The full van wrap installed by Stripe Master on this van is bright and bold.  The text, especially the main logo, clearly contrasts with the background.

The rule is “There are no rules!”

While keeping everything we’ve said above in mind, also remember that every company is individual.  Vehicle graphics that work for one may not work for another!

A florist business called "Fancy Flowers" makes their name or logo prominent, adds a phone number and that's enough for their needs.

A florist business called “Fancy Flowers” makes their name or logo prominent.  They just add a phone number and that’s enough for their needs.

 A fashion store called "Obscure" needs to make it more obvious what they do, so they make their logo secondary to a strong image with a relevant tagline.

A fashion store called “Obscure” needs to make it more obvious what they do.  They make their logo secondary to a strong image with a relevant tagline.

We’re here to help with your vehicle graphics

Whatever you decide, and whatever your budget is, we are here to help. Give us a call or drop us an email and our Stripe Master design team can help you find the best solution for your vehicle graphics.

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